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Gonna Try A UDS

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Started on a new project Saturday. I picked up a drum and dragged that home along with some pallets from work. I started by cutting off the welded top with an air chisel which made quick work of the top. I then used a holesaw to put a 2" intake at the bottom.

While wandering around Lowes yesterday morning I came across a $48 Weber knockoff so I picked that up. I will be using the lid, charcoal grate, and cooking grate from it for my drum.

A buddy swung by in the afternoon and we broke up pallets and started burning it out.

Today I dumped out the ash and washed it with Purple Power degreaser. I also started working on making the Weber knock off lid fit.

Next steps are to build the intake, charcoal basket, install the hardware for the grates, and some paint on the outside. I am hoping to have most of that done by next weekend.
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Rock on Dude!!!! You'll love it! I know I do, i've only built 7 of them now.
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Great Start, keep us posted on the progress... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You are gonna love it! I look forward to seeing some awesome qview.
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Putting a fan in front of the intake and running that on high also helps produce a lot of heat. Forgot to mention that above. I don't own a leaf blower otherwise I would have tried that instead of the fan. biggrin.gif
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I've been wanting to make one too! I haven't found a barrel yet, and Mrs SOB thinks i'm nuts for even thinking of making another smoker!tongue.gif
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Your gonna love the drum!
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I managed to get ahold of a sheet of expanded metal last week. A friend and I built a charcoal basket on Friday night that can probably hold close to 20lbs of lump if needed. We also drilled out the center of a 3/8" bolt to hold the thermometer just below the first grate. We also built and ABT rack while we were at it that holds 24 ABT's and is nicely sized.

Saturday I got the intake done. I knew I was going to make a rookie mistake and this is where I made it. Last weekend when I drilled the 2" intake, I forgot I was working with pipe as I am used to DOM. As I should have remembered (but didn't), pipe is measured in inner diameter (ID) whereas DOM is measured by the outer diameter (OD). So I traced out a 2 3/8" circle (the outer diameter of the pipe) and then widened my 2" hole using a dremel. I used a 90* elbow and 2" conduit nut thingy and threaded that into my hole. Then I ran a bead of RTV around it to keep it from leaking and left it overnight to cure.

Today I drilled my 7 holes (3 per cooking grate and 1 for the temp probe) and inserted 1" long 1/4" bolts and my 3/8" bolt for the temp probe. From there, I painted the outside with black 1200* bbq and stove paint. After that dried I sprayed the interior of the drum with PAM and fired it up for a test firing/seasoning run. The lid still needs some work and I am not happy with the Weber knock-off cooking grate. I will probably replace that with a Weber replacement.

Pics to come later...
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Sounds good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Looking forward to the pics. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

By the way, if you can keep the airflow under control and the ash shook off, the 20 pounds of lump will probably last you at least 36 hours.biggrin.gif I can easily go 9 to 11 hours on 6 pounds of Kingsford Comp Charcoal.

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Test firing.

I put about 6lbs of Nature Glo lump along with a few chunks of mesquite into the charcoal basket and lowered it to the bottom of the drum. The charcoal basket sits 3 1/2" off the bottom to allow ash to drop to the bottom. I then lit a 3/4 chimney of Nature Glo lump around 1:20pm.

1:45pm: I dumped the chimney into the charcoal basket with the intake wide open. I put one of the cooking grates in and put the lid on.

1:55pm: Temp guage was read 360*. Closed off intake 1/2 way.

2:05pm: Temp dropped to 340*. Closed off intake 3/4 of the way.

2:20pm: Temp at 325*. Closed off intake 7/8 of the way.
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2:40pm: Temp is back up to 340*. Closed the intake off most of the way. I am starting to wonder if I may have air leaking in somewhere? icon_neutral.gif
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That's alot of lump bro, I normally don't start my UDS with more than 10-12 briqs ashed over. Today's smoke is cruising right along at 210. I'd try starting with a bit less lump and see how she rolls.
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I didn't even think about that Le. I will remember that for next time.

3:00pm: 375*
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3:30pm Temp is finally dropping. Down to 325*.
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4:30pm Temp is down to 275*. Getting closer...
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

It's pretty difficult to get the temp in a UDS to come down after it's gotten away from you. It's best to start it low and let it creep up.

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I have learned that today. biggrin.gif

5:30pm Temp is 260*.
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Holding at 245* at 7pm. Knocked the ash out of the basket and still have 2/3 of my lump left.
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Here are the pics:

I still have a few things to do. I want to put some handles on the drum and a handle on the lid. I also need to finish up the damper on the intake. For now I am using a piece of scrap steel to limit the intake.
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No shame in that, my friend.biggrin.gif I'm pretty sure all the UDS owners have been there. I know I have.biggrin.gif

Good looking drum, by the way.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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