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First Pork Butt

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going great so far smokin nice and slo, sat in fridge with rub all last night.
will post more pics later 6.5 pounder
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Well it is a start. Lets see the finals later tonight! LOL. Just a tip if I may. I see ya got your thermo already in the pig. Not a problem just it aint gonna matter much till about 3hrs into the smoke and burns battery life. Just a suggestion. Good Luck.
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Good Start...
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Looks good. I'd like to play too, but have to work. Maybe, I can smoke something Tuesday. Too much homework Monday.
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Looking good. Looks like you installed a new thermometer? What did you go with?
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I like what I see so far but did you season that grill before you started this smoke? If not no big deal we'll call it a seasoning smoke. Thats cooking a couple of bird with one smoke. What temp are you going to take this thing too?
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What did you rub it up with, anything special?
Looking forward to the finale, are you planning on going foil or no foil?
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just a charbroil one from home depot
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i used a rub called meatheads memphis dust from another smoking website
i will try other ones too. no didnt do the foil
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not sure what you mean but yes i have alreay cooked 3 racks of babybacks,2 fatties and a chicken at the same and 1 turkey so yes it is seasoned. i cooked for like 9 hours at 200-250 and by the way it was fantastic just had leftovers and it tasted even better man i love my smoker!!!
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