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Another Weekend Smoke

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Since beef is what I did the most of this weekend I am putting this here. biggrin.gif

Another weekend, another smoke. I am almost to the point where I can stop doing weekly smokes and start doing them every couple of weeks. Unfortunately freezer and fridge real estate is starting to become scarce so a cheap Craigslist refrigerator is in my near future. However, we have a nice variety built up and even after unthawing the food it is still tasting great.

This weekend was going to be primarily about ribs. We picked up two slabs of beef ribs and one slab of large pork ribs for $1.09/lbs. I stuck one slab of beef in the freezer for future use. I rubbed them with some Memphis Magic Dust that I made and then glazed them with a bourbon/vinegar/honey/Sweetbaby Rays/apple juice concoction. I also intended to make some pulled beef for tacos, burritos, etc so I marinaded 5 lbs of chuck roast in a lime/tequila marinade. And since we had company coming over we added ABTs to the menu. I made two dozen stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar and monterey jack covered with maple bacon. Since I didn't have a rack for the ABTs I made one from two sheets of veggie grilling plates my wife picked up at Lowes. They weren't great but they kind of worked.

The ABTs turned out great. I was surprised how easy these are to make and still have enough filling and bacon to do another two dozen. I may use one of the sheets of aluminum I got from a buddy to make a true rack for them.

Beef ribs on the left and pork ribs on the right. These came out tasting incredible IMHO. The glaze was perfect along with the rub and no sauce was needed.

Cold pisswater beer and ribs. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

After the ribs came off we added some italian sausage stuffed with cheese.

Along with some asiago and spinach chicken sausage.

And last but not least, the lime tequila pulled beef.

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good looking smoke solar-I made ABT holders outta old round cake pans and a hole saw-diff size holes for diff size peppers.
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That is a great idea. Sounds like I will have to run by Goodwill or check out some garage sales for some cheap pans.
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That is one full smoke.Everything looks great.Great idea as well on pie pans desertlites.
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Hey no worries solar...those were some mighty fine ribs you had there!

No worries on the later's all good!
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Congrats on what looks like a real tasty meal. Good choices my friend.
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Let the festivities begin... Great looking smoke...
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