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Q-View of Brisket

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Hi All:

I must admit that I have been a lucker here for the past two summers. This is probably my first post. I have learned a lot here which has resulted in my neighbor's visitation when they smell my smoker cranked up. Am in Northern Virginia and have a BBQ Galore off-set smoker which my wife bought for me for my birthday (I replaced the thermometer with a nice Tel-Tru). Since that time, I have smoked numerous ribs, butts, briskets, turkey breasts, corned beef, etc and thought I would return what I have learned with a few pictures. I use an electric fire starter with Weekend Warrier Briquets to start with and move to either cherry, apple, hickory, mesquite, pecan or hickory depending on what I am smoking (or a combination of the above). I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate what I have learned here and the time people take to impart their knowledge. In fact, my wife's and my favorite restaurant used to be Red-Hot-and Blue here in town but no longer. It is tasteless in comparison <vbg>.

Anyway on the smoker right now is a 7 lb. pork butt with Jeff's rub and a combination of apple and hickory wood. I remembered to take a before picture and will post both it and the results later tonight.

However, here are two pictures of a huge brisket I bought at Costco and smoked last Saturday. It was smoked with a Texas-based brisket rub and a combination of mesquiite and cherry wood.

In closing, thanks again and back to lurking <g>.

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The brisket looks good Peter, It has a nice smoke ring also...
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Great looking brisket! Thanks for the qview.
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