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High Heat Beer Can Chicken

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Hey everyone. Ive been making this recipe in the oven since I was in college. I cant remeber where I got it from but it is by FAR the best chicken Ive ever had. What makes it different is that you cook it at 450 degrees at 20 mins per pound. The skin is to die for!!! Crispy, crispy, crispy!!! Beer can chicken was unknown back then (am I dating myself LOL) but for this smoke Im using the beer can rack. So here goes.

The ingredients....

After food processing, I rubbed the chicken down with the marinate both under and over the skin. I then bagged it up and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Im using my NBBD smoker for this cook since i need to get the heat up so high

With the thin blue smoke going and the temp up to par I put in the chicken.

while I was waiting I made some fresh out of the garden southern style green beens and some very tasty chervil mashed potatos.

The chicken came out darker then usual with the smoke but the skin was crisp and meat was very moist and as always VERY tasty.

And dinner is served.

As always, thanks for checking out my post.

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That looks really good...
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Very good job on the que and the pics...looks like a GREAT dinner!
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Hey that looks really good! wow 450, never went that high before.. well not on purpose lol

Looks great, love your smoker too
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Real nice smoke.............
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A definitely OUSTANDING plate o' dinner! Points to you.

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In my collage days I didn't eat beer can chicken. I won't have wasted the beer or better yet have the money for chicken. We ate mac & cheese with crackers. Now to that plate of food you showed us here WOW a big WOW.
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I concur. In college I would have drank the beer first and used water in it place.
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