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Hi All I'm during a shoulder for pulling. Right at the moment it's sitting 195ish. I wanted to foil @205 and than off too the cooler for a couple of hours. But something came up and I've to leave for about 2hours.
?? do I foil now or leave it in smoker(don't want it to dry out) Thanks Q VIEW To Come
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you can foil now - all will be good!
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Thanks TasunkaWitko
I already foil and back in the smoker for now just waiting for the other person to show up. So I'm good to go. QVIEW TO COME
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If you foil it now and put it in a cooler wrapped up it's gonna push on up towards 200 and you'll be fine. You'd be fine right where it's at in my opinion. I'd pull it before I'd let it sit for two more hours.
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You can foil it now if you want. I would throw it in the cooler and then pull it when you get back. It will still be plenty hot.
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Thats what I would do. I have rested PP for 3 or more hours and it was still too hot to pull without gloves! I guess it depends on the quality of cooler, foil, meat...etc.
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The longest I've rested a butt before pulling is a couple of hours, but I'm sure I've read threads here of folks wrappin' them in a towel and putting them a cooler for much longer than that. Perhaps as long as 4-5 hours.
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