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8 lb butt

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8 lb butt on tonight. Maple syrup coated then applied a spiced up version of Jeff's rub. Smoking with apple wood and GFS lump. Been a while since I had a good PP sammy. icon_mrgreen.gif
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sounds tasty!
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A little Qview....

Thin blue going and 150 internal.....

165 and ready for foil......

I love the smell of that applewood. wink.gif
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Mikey Boy!!! Where ya been hidin out dude? Good lookin grub. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Oh,Yeah.Beautifuly rubbed butt with a perfect smoking wood....
Will check this out tomorrow...
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JIMMY!!! Good to see they havent banned ya yet. lol I've been workin a lotta hours, trip to Vegas, smokin occasionally. You know..... the usual stuff. :P Motorhedd ever come around anymore?
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You got my taste buds on full alert on that one.
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That sounds and looks awesome. All I can wish is that I was your buddy. Everyone needs a smoking buddy specially when it comes to the tasting. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great look'n butt (PORK) from where I sit, too bad we don't have taste-a-vision...
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Man that looks good! I've never tried a butt done with maple syrup. It sounds delicious. I have always thought that the sugar in syrup would burn and char up the bark, but from the pics in your q-view, it is obvious it didn't burn because it looks perfect.
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Ok it hit 195 about 2:30 am so I pulled it off wrapped in towels and into my cooler. Got up at 7 and went to work finishing up. Opened the foil and temp was still 153......

Got out the gloves and seperated the meat from the fat and started pulling......

Added Soflaquer's finishing sauce and covered the pan with foil and into the oven to keep warm. Went to work for a while then came home, got out my sauces, buns, chips and such. Opened the pan and there was a good portion of meat GONE. Wife and kids claimed it was shrinkage. lol

Added a couple more squirts of finishing sauce, mixed in, and lunch was ready.....

Sammies and a hand full of good ol "Uncle Ray's" BBQ chips and everyone dug in.......

Delicious. The wife says why don't you do this more often. lol

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Qview.
Good smokes to all of you.

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Looks good!!
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Never had a problem with it and usually I add some honey to the syrup to make it stickier. I usually keep the temps at 220-230 when doing pork of any kind. The rub I use is pretty spicy and the combination of the sweet syrup/honey and the spicy rub is maaaaaahhhhhhhvelous. wink.gif Give it a try sometime.
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man nice job!
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Nice job, I have used syrup in the past also on ribs I think.
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Thanks for the info and the qview, SG. I gotta try this with my next butt.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If you have time (i didn't on this one) do the syrup and rub the night before and put it in a big ziplock or wrap in plastic wrap and back into the fridge until you're ready. wink.gif
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Did you just use the syrup and honey as a rub or did you inject it also?

It looks delicious...
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Just as a rub. Haven't tried injecting it yet but I'd probably mix it with the rub first then inject it. Sounds like a worthwhile experiment. I'll definitely try in in the near future.
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