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removing easy off???

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hi guys, WHOOOOOO hooooo. got my new/ used char griller today. nice and clean (too clean) and almost 100% of the parts included. test fired it with one chimney of briketts all went well EXCEPT.... it seems the previous owner sprayed easy off on the insides of the cooking chamber to clean it... you can smell it. any thoughts on a suitable cleaner to get rid of the residual easy off, off without further damage? my thoughts were to propane/ plumbers torch it off. thanks, cocomm
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I think burning it off would be your best bet.
Congrats on the new smoker, condolences on the chemical/odor issue.
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Maybe vinegar? Baking Soda?
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I would get a fire burning in the cooking chamber and let it burn for a while then rub it down with cooking oil and re-season it as if it were brand new and see if that helps...
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burn hot and long and hard, then put the pressure hose to it, then rub it down with lard and burn hot and hard again.

just a suggestion based on an educated guess, but it makes sense.
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I am leaning towards Tas's answer above, but then I remember somebody's post about cleaning grates with "simple green", a spray type solution. Seems that stuff cleans anything, hoses off easily and leaves no residue. Give it a try.
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Yeah... hit with simple green first. It will at least remove the heavy stuff, and it is non-toxic. Should then be able to burn off the last bits of residue and re-season.
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another vote for simple green ~ i'd forgotten about that!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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