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i am having a bit of a problem...

my 3 month old smoke hollow propane smoker is producing nasty soot...

it lasted perhaps 30 minutes before i caught it but covered my nearly finished beautiful salmon with a fine coating of black soot. i washed most of it off but am keen on solving this problem so as not to damage further smoked products.

possible causes might be:

the propane tank was nearly empty.

i had the flame turned as low as possible.

i fitted an adjustment valve at the propane tank in order to be able to turn the flame down. as it came from the factory this propane smoker could not be adjusted down to a small flame and i was unable to get temps below 250.

does anybody have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

thanks for a splendid forum.

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Are you useing any form of wood for smoke? Too much wood can produce too much smoke, with the the same results. You want to strive for the TBS, rolling clouds of smoke is not good. Along with soot, you're creating cresote which is not a good thing for your health. Good luck my friend. I hope this has helped you.
One more thing, make sure that your exhaust vent (top) is wide open. If it is closed, you'll have stale smoke lingering in your cabinet, and can produce the same results.
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It is possible to soot with propane, if you are oxygen starved. Try opeing the vents on the bottom. You must have a well sealed smoker to get this oxygen started.
Like the other guy said, check your supply of smoke.
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It almost sounds like the air fuel mixture on the burner is set incorrectly, starving the burner of oxygen.
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What he said, adjust the carburator (air fuel mixture) till you get a blue flame.
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Take the burner apart and make sure there is no obstruction in the burner assy. There might be spider web (yes a spider web will mess it up) or something else in it.
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Sorry for your soot problem I have a Gosm and have never had that happen to me up now I will check out my smoker for obstructions thou. Thanks for asking
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thanks everyone...

I'll try your recommendations

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