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New build questions

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I found a 250 gallon propane tank for the right price. FREE!! I am going to attempt to build a smoker. My first question is should I go with a reverse flow? The reverse flow sounds good to me, no tuning plates, drip/water pan. Next question is about the handles for the doors. I prefer the handles that are like a slag hammer. Are they slag hammers with the handles cut off or can you buy/make the handles. I have tried to read every post on home builts and have found some great info. I hope to open the tank this weekend and would like to have most of the materials on hand when I begin. Any and all advice and pics will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Bryon
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Hi Byron, Here is a link to a store here in Kansas City, Kansas that sells all kinds of items for building your own cooker. The first link is to his website and the second link is to his eBay store. He ships worldwide and is a good guy, I know him personally.
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Thanks Paul, That is exactly what I was looking for. I have purchased Thermometers from him before.
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Bryon, I would definitely go with a reverse flow on the 250 gallon tank. I am building one out of an old 250 gallon kerosene drum. My only suggestion, take your tank to a metal shop once you get it opened. Most of the builds I have seen involve angle iron and two pieces of metal. I'm getting a single piece of metal that they are going to break in the center for me. Its 20" across, with a 2" fall to the center. It'll save you a ton of welding. It should be in about a week from now, and I'll try to post pictures of it.
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parts ordered

I ordered the handles and hinges from ebay last night. As soon as they get here I will be starting. I will try to take lots of pics of all the steps taken.
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Good deal Bryon, looking forward to seeing them...
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