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Something Different with Cherry Tomatoes

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Looks great Alex!
I was just reading in Mother Earth News their dehydrating tomatoes section and one method they did had the herbs on top but they were only half dehydrated, then they had to be stored in the freezer or fridge but were used in soups and such.
Got some smoked garlic I have to toss into the oven to dehydrate since I still haven't bought or built a dehydrator.
What kind do you use?
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Nice looking tomatoes ALX,
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I like the looks of these. Just eat them as they are. Or maybe try to can them in a little garlic infused EVOO.
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Nice looking maters Alex...
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Nice dehydrators, checked them out on their site and ouch! A bit more than I was expecting. For those prices I think I'll give making my own a try, though the $6000 commercial one is crazy!
Was considering this one to build...

There are also a lot of ideas on sites for drying a particular kind of "herb" that I'm going to read through and see if they would work for fruits and veggies.
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Very nice tomatoes and dehydrator ALX. Bet they'd be great in spaghetti sauce too.
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i do this all the time and make GREAT tomatoes with them - adding a little smoke is a great idea! thanks!
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ALX, ok fess up. How the heck is it that there is no weeds in that garden? I have never seen such a immaculate looking garden in my life.

By the way, I do the same with our cherries. The wife uses them throughout the year.
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Hey Alex, nice tiller, I have the same exact one.
Just a quick note, when you till you kill many beneficial microorganisms and earthworms in the soil.
The worms run away but will return eventually but the decomposing of the bacterias will create a 1% increase in ozone depletion in the area of the garden all the way up to the actual ozone layer.
Not that it is a horrible thing, just a little tip on greener living.
I try to till as little as possible which sucks because of the time and blisters I spend getting while removing all the weeds but is a bit greener.
Recently though I have become a complete fan of laying down straw/hay as a weed block and so far this year it has worked out great, once I got the stuff down anyway.
I am trying to till only one time a year from now on, in the early spring and then plant cover crops during the winter and then back to the hay and dried grass during the year. Also great when it decomposes and gets tilled in the following year.
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