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I don't wrap my ABT'S in Bacon (yeah blasphamy, I know) The texture is always slightly mushy, and they don't look appealing either. I smoke them around 235*

Next batch I'm going to try higher temps. Just wondering if anyone smokes them at 300 or so, and how they are?
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My brother in law does them on his gas grill at 300 plus....Delicous and bacon is crispy....
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I personally smoke mine at about 250 but I have used bacon It doesn't allow the jalapenos to shrivel up. I saw it here this past weekend try to stuff your abt's with stick cheese to help hold it up or try cutting them length ways.
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I have put mine on at 225 and closer to 300 depending on what I am smoking at the time.
I try to keep them closer to the firebox side and even without bacon they have come out fine.
They are supposed to get somewhat soft but how "mushy" do they get? Supposed to be a little firm but not exactly crunchy.
About how long do you smoke them for?
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Usually 1hr 45min, on up to 2hr 30 min. I don't keep logs.

They taste great, I just don't care for the texture, and the family doesn't like the looks (kind of wrinkled) too much.

I always cut them lengthwise, and usually fill them with chilli, onions, and top with taco cheese. No Bacon.
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I've done plenty enough of them at 325-250 when I am doing poultry and they come out fine. Just shorter time under the hood so to speak, that's all.

No worries on the bacon, I like them with and without and usually do them more often without bacon since I end up having some sort of fattie involved as well.

It ain't's enjoyability! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Since your not putting anything raw in them just take them off sooner. The less done they are the crunchier they are gonna be. I cook mine until the bacon crisps but without bacon all you need to do it melt the cheese and heat up the innerds. Take them off in an hour... they will be crunchy.... and hotohla!
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