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Quick Chicken Drummie question

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How long should they take to smoke at 275 degrees? I have one of those racks to hang them on.

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Just to be clear, and not get sued icon_wink.gif always go by temp and not time.
Depends on the size of the drums but I would guess approximately 2 hours give or take half an hour.
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Until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Always go by temp not time.
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Fire it Up you beat me by a little... LOL
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What they said.biggrin.gif

But if I were you, I'd shoot for 325° or even 350° smoker temp. Unless you don't want to eat the skin or want smokier drummies. If you do them at 275° the skin will be pretty rubbery, unless you crisp them up on the grill as a last step.

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I'm good with using the temp. My issue is if I have the temp probe in the right place or not as after only like 30 minutes it was reading 150 degrees. It's been about an hour now and I readjusted the probe, now reads 152, so I think I am good to go now. I didn't think they got up to temp that quick. thanks
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Just took them off. Them look and taste gooooood!!!! I'll post a couple of pics later. thanks for the help.
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