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Smoked Cayenne & Jalapeno Salsa

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A little over 3 weeks ago my garden peppers really started coming in fast. Had great success with a smoked habanero salsa, so I thought to make another batch with the Cayenne's and Jalapenos coming in (no habs this year).

Gathered up a tray-

And smoked them over Pecan wood. About 200 F for about an hour or so-

Chopped them up and put them to steep in Apple Cider Vinegar and a single large garlic clove-

Little over three weeks later they're ready to become Salsa! Got another bunch of garden peppers to add in fresh as well as young cilantro all picked this morning-

This time I'm adding some Key Limes' juice that I got in the exchange with Meatball. They're the little ones, and let me tell you they are go-o-o-d. The Cilantro, Sweet Vidalia, and hot peppers will go into the salsa chopped as you see them, not through the blender. Want a bit of chunks in the finished product-

Blended by batches, 'cause that's a lot of salsa.....

The pint mason jars are in the sanitizing process right now, the water is boiling in preparation for the lids and the pressure vessel is getting washed out.

I'll post filling and finished product pics once they are done and give you all a taste review of my newest smoked salsa!

Stay tuned..............PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That should make some fine Salsa...
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Looks like it will be a great salsa.
So far my cayennes are doing good but only 2 have gotten ripe, japs are doing pretty good too though.
If my white habaneros were further along (not even flowered yet) then I would offer to ship you out some but I don't know if I'll even get any off of them or the scotch bonnets with this lousy weather mad.gif
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oh yea what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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You're killing me Rivet! Points to you just on the flavors you chose to use.
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Thanks for the interest guys! It smells awesome- not too hot, and really fresh.

Here's the jars filled and lids going on-

Once ready into the pressure vessel they go! Here's the first of two layers...

Okay, now for 1o LBS pressure for 35 minutes, then the usual extended cool-down.

I'll post pics as soon as they cool down and give you all the flavor run-down-review! Thanks for staying tuned PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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MAN thats good looking salsa. Just like before you make it look so easy and I know it's not but now I want some chip and this lousy good for nothin ugly jar of store bought salsa. Thanks Rivet you did another great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifjust kidding look great.
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Result are in!

Allright...the results are in! First thing that came to my mind after tasting it was WOW.

That is some good stuff!

Initial impression when I took a spoonful was lots of rich smokey tomatoey flavor mixed in with garden freshness. Slooowly, the heat crept in. Not a lot, mind you, just enough to let you know this is some real salsa, not the wimpy store kind. It's got zing- just a bit, not enough to make you suck air, or make your head sweat, but just enough to be considered "hot".

And right on top of that smokey tomatoey flavor is the key lime and the hint of fresh cilantro hovering around your mouth! Wow....

After that, you get a hint of underlying sweetness. Don't know where that came from, since I added no spices or sugar to the recipe- not even salt nor pepper. I'm thinking it is the sweet Vidalia onion that released its sugars during the pressure canning, 'cause it wasn't there when I tasted it before canning.

At the end, you get the smokey chipotle follow-up from Herdez cans I put in the recipe. It is all rounded out by that rich "Garden Fresh" flavor the unsmoked chiles and cilantro gave it.

Have to say that this one is better than the Smoked Habanero Salsa I made before because of the fresh, unsmoked chiles in it. Definitely made a nice impact.

Real easy to make, you all see what's in it in the pics above. This is definitly going to be a staple around here, and with NFL season coming up...oh yeah!

Thanks for checking out my salsa~ I appreciate you all's time and interest! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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THAT LOOKS AWESOME! Excellent choice of ingredients and play by play. Points to you my friend! points.gif
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Firs off looks awsome. Bet it tastes good as well.

I am getting ready to do something similar I just have to figure out the preportions.
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Awesome rivet.I need to try something like this.I have to smoke alot of chipotles and paprika, so i will throw some other peppers on for salsa.points.gif
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i can vouch for this salsa - it's great stuff!

thanks, rivet!
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I would give you points but I gave all mine away...nice salsa...can I get the step by step instructions ? I make all kinds of salsa but I have never canned it or "steeped" before.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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