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First Loin Roll..

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I been puting off tryin' my hand at a pork loin roll and I think I am gonna
stick a few in my homemade offset smoker. It has done a good job on everything so far, better than I was expecting.
Figgered that I would keep it sorta simple and just stuff it with stovetop stuffing, mushrooms, bell pepper and onions. I forgot the garlic
so I just dosed it with powdered garlic.. give U breath bad enough to run off evil spirits and most people. I stole the rub recipe offa the net somewhere...

The Rub
3/4 cup paprika
1/4 cup fresh ground pepper
1/4 cup coarse salt (i use sea salt)
1/4 cup sugar (Your choice)
2 tbsp chili powder
2 tbsp garlic powder
2 tbsp oinion powder
2 tsp cayenne ( I prefer around 4) but the wife will beat me iffin' I use
more than two..

The cleaver is something I been meanin' to make ever since Moby ****
was a minnow. The ones I got ain't heavy enough unless they are
big and bulky. This one is made of thicker spring steel,3/8 X 3'' truck
spring. just outta the forge.
Ain't as big but just thicker..
I will post more pictures as soon as I can make them smaller.

Believe it or not lately I been useing shoe strings to bake with. LOL..
I bought a BUNCH of them at an auction in a sealed bulk bag. All
cotton and just trim off the plastic ends. [leaves a funky taste in yer mouth] I really believe I got a lifetime's supply. works great in a
rotissery [?] also..
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Looking good! Its sounds delicious.
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Looking good. Did you make the cleaver or have it made. How had was it to grind the edge?
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Thas looking good hemi. Let us know how the rest of the smoke goes
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Everything sound and looks really yumo so far I'll have to keep an eye on things.
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I just cut it out with a torch and used a large grinder to rough shape it.
The secret is to just build a good size hardwood fire and get a good bed of coals in the smoker/cooker and put it in the coals and forget it .
after U finish with yer cookin' bank the coals and let it all cool off slowly
and dig it out in the morning after when it is cool to the touch.
The spring steel is then annealed and normalized. U work it just
like mild steel. Drill holes, and so forth . When U are finished, heat the edge with a torch until bright red and quench in water. then it is
hard and brittle. polish the blade a bit and re-heat the edge till it is
blue and just short of purple. quench again . it is then tempered.
Tough and hard but not brittle.. Makes a good cleaver. Hemi..
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Nice looking start!!! Can't wait to see more!
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Your off to great start, be sure to keep us posted.
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Thanks for the info...
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Looking forward to seeing your finished pork roll. Nice looking cleaver, also.
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