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I bought the mixer for my wife a few years ago, great mixer, works great as a meat grinder too, but makes for a lousy sausage stuffer. There's a stuffing plunger that comes with the food grinder attachment, but it doesn't fit tightly into the feed/chute/hopper thingy, and ground meat just squeezes up and around it, and you end up having to peel it off the sides of the plunger and put in down the hopper 2-3 times before it all feeds through. Takes a fairly simple (and fun) 10-20min task of stuffing and turns it into a 2-3 hour back breaker.

Since you can use the mixer for kneading bread dough, or whipping whipped cream, and grinding meat chunks with the food grinder attachment, its a worthy investment, but I bought a LEM 5lb vertical stuffer and have been oh so much happier.