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Passing it on

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Had my oldest son and his family over yesterday and we made up some summer sausage. It was his first time ever making sausage and he was very interested! We used a 5lb. tube of 80/20 ground chuck, mixed in the seasonings and cure, then got out the stuffer and I taught him how to rinse out the casings, put them on the stuffer, load it, stuff the sausage, and then he did all the cleanup. Then we put it in the smoker:

and by the time we'd made some foil potatoes and grilled a couple sirloins, the sausage was done just in time for them to take a lot of it home and enjoy the fruits of his labor!
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Cool! Sounds like it was a fun time. What kind of sausage did you make?
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Good deal...

That's a very interesting stuffing, is that about a 42mm hog casing?
We usually use the 21/2"X24" Collagen ones on the summer sausage when we make it.
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summer sausage dawn ;-)
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I know that roped sausage is going to be good. Sound like you all had a good time making them. He has a great teacher.
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That rocks. My daughter (only 3 years old) helped my wife and I make breakfast links the other day. She was standing on a chair with gloves on handing my wife meat as she is pushing it into the grinder and I am stuffing the casings. Good times, and I agree with what was said above-he has a great teacher.

That is the best part of the story. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Aaaaaaaah, another good success story

Very nice, Pops! I always like to hear/see the younger generations taking interest in what we all love doing. It doesn't matter if it's putting some TLC into your own vehicles or home, or pouring your heart into food. And "passing it on" can be said no better. Part of your legacy will be carried for many years by your kids, and the art of making/smoking sausage is a great one for them to carry.

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nice bonding with the kid Pops, but explain how ya got him to do the clean up please. :)
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Now thats Way Cool way to go Pops. That is one of the best parts of raising kids is you get to teach them some really neat things that they will keep and past on one day. Oh yea how was the sausage ?PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, he's 35, married with 2 kids so he's handy in the kitchen like his dad! lol!

Very good!

No, I was out of the larger 36-38 mm casings I usually use so I just had him stuff it into 32 mm italian sausage casings. It was smaller diameter but longer ropes! Gave him a little more experience too! Going to have to put in an order to Syracuse Casings!
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Thank you! I want to pass on what I know before I die; to him, my other son, and to all others on here if it can be of help. I've got 20+ good years left as far as I know, but that could be 6 weeks at any point, so I'm anxious to help others as best I can. After my wife's had 2 separate ordeals with cancer so far, it makes you rethink things and prepare so you never have any regrets or "I wish I'd done.." 'its..

Here's his facebook page so you can see his documentation on it; he was enjoying every minute! Plus we had some XXXXXXXXXXtra old cheese he'd bought when in Seattle at his western office ($32/lb!) with it (plus some Shiners too!) so we enjoyed it tremendously!
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