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pulled pork temp

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OK guys, got 20 Lbs of butts on. temp it at 183. Can't remember what temp to pull them. I know technically the meat is done now. but what temp should I pull them. I think I pulled them at 190 last year. I know if you pull them too soon than the fat has not desolved yet. and I hate fatty meat.

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at 190 they CAN be pulled, but i find a much better product around 200 degrees - even 205 isn't out of line.
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I usually pull at 205... Makes for easy "pulling" of the pork.....
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thanks guys, I will pull between 200 and 205. this going to be good. cooker is at a steady 245 now so maybe another 1.5 hours.

thanks again

Joe Virginia Beach
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joe -

make sure that you double wrap it in foil when it is ready and set it in an empty cooler wrapped in towels for a while (at leat a half hour, but an hour or two would be better)

the reason for this is so that the meat can rest and the juices can flow back into the center of the shoulder. i i have pulled or sliced too soon sometimes and it is not nearly as juicy, plus the meat turns an ugly brown color.

sounds like you are on the right track! enjoy!

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thanks Ron, will do. I have plenty of time. company not arriving until 6PM. should give me enough time to let it rest for an hour.

Virginia Beach
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