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My new project

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Hello everyone

I am building a new electric smoker my buddy Lyle gave me this huge stainless steel cabinet i am going to use a heating element out of an oven for the heat source i can use old oven racks for the shelves and i bought some stainless steel rod for the shelves to sit on and hang sausage from i will hook the burner up to a thermostat it is not insulated so i will build a box around it and add some shelves on the box to store chips and such it should be going in about a week i hope it will hold the heat well enough to smoke sausages in it should when i get it boxed in here are some pics

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My Nephew built a smoker out of an old refrigerator and used a burner out of an oven and he also used the oven control with the burner. His works great.
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yeah right now i have an old fridge smoker it works great i just needed something to do i guess LOL
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Looks like that one will make a nice sized one. Just make sure to insulate it good.
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Very nice I like it. I'm looking forward to your progress
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