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how hot can I go??

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If low and slow is to break down the meat so it is tender and a fattie needs no breaking down how hot can i go? I will be wraping 1 in bacon an 1 not. They are going to be for a party on sat. and I want to cook them before the party so they are still hot for the guest. I also want the bacon to be nice and crispy. when i cook them at low temps the bacon never seems to get crispy.
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Not sure exactly how hot would be safe for them.
If I had to guess though I would say even as high as 327 would be fine.
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I have always done mine around 300 bacon comes out crispy and good but I am new too some one will be along with better advice I am sure
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the 300-range should be fine ~ i wouldn't go over 330 ~
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OK Fire...

How in the heck did you come up with that? You crack me up, and those guys gave you a pass on it! biggrin.gif Did you know that 83% of statistics are made up on the spot?!?

I was going to say that 314.159265° would be the best number! (100 X PI)???

Seriously, low 300's and you will be fine! My $.02
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Gawd, I love this forum! You all crack me up! biggrin.gif
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Hmmmmmmmm !

Exactly 318.752573 F. and err, ahhh, more or less ! (I think !) or was that Centigrade. ?

Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly, Could be,

Ummmmmm !

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the term. on the door of my GOSM wont read this number. Should I go get a new one from NASA of maybe Harbor Fright??
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