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Bradley Web Site

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Living in the UK there is not much choice when it comes to big boys smokers, as I found out recently it is get a Bradley or bust. Couldn’t even find a company that would export other brands to the UK.

I am not unhappy with this situation, they look like good kit and all the small scale professionals this side of the pond seem to be using them.

Had to find out more so went on to the Bradley web site at


I was well impressed with their site. Excellent selection of recopies and what appears to be an active usurer’s forum.

Worth a visit
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In case you're interested there is a Bradley user forum in the US as well at http://forum.bradleysmoker.com/ That's where I started out learning about the Bradley itself, then I branched out to here. smile.gif
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Thanks Dawn

I have saved the US Bradley link into my favourites.

I like the way Bradley have fronted their smokers, very professional. Building a community round their product is a great idea and brings after sales service to a new level. It also shows commitment to their costumers.

Well impressed
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Piro, I think you will be happy with a Bradley. I recently purchased a used one on Craig's List and had to order parts for it and their customer service is terrific.
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