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Mes 40

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After a great deal of thought I decided to sell my mes. I have only used it 5x so it's not really even broke in imo. I did do 1 mod and that was adding handles other than that it's in great shape for $250 firm.
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Where are you located Blacklab?
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Vancouver Wa. about 10mins from PDX.
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If you were closer I know a Home for it. I am in Kansas City, Kansas. & my boy is looking for one.
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Ok I will be the one, since a lot of MES owners would be curious.

If you don't mind sharing, why are you deciding to sell the MES ?
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It's a great little unit. One of the main reason I purchased it was the set it and for get it. Also haveing better temp controll with my sausage smokes. I just prefer the way my BB GOSM.
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