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First cook on the UDS(part 2)

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Decided to do a pork butt for the inaugural smoke on the UDS. They didnt have any boston butts so I came home with a 9 pound picnic shoulder.

Decided to cut the skin off.

Rubbed it down, wrapped and let sit overnight in the cooler.

Smoked with hickory at 250 degrees. Here it is after 4 hours with some chicken thighs.

The boy was getting hungry by now.

I made myself leave it in the smoker for the whole cook instead of finishing in the oven. Here it is done after a total of 13 hours

And starting to pull.

The pork was my best yet. I love my UDS.

Thanks for looking!
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nice looking pork there. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice job on that shoulder Fire, what did you use for rub? Or is it a secret?
Looks like yer boy was gettin ready to moon ya, maybe some suspenders fer the hungry little smoker.....lmaoPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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That's one heck of a good looking pork shoulder! I just ate bbq all weekend and now I'm hungry for it again.
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Looks great. I love PP
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That is one good looking pork shoulder !!!!
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