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Question for Lang owners

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How do you route your meat thermometer cables onto the grill to monitor temps, without cutting them off in the door, drill holes and plug when not in use???? I don't want to crush them. was thinking about 1/8 pipe holes under the door and above the reverse flow plate and plug when not using.

Thanks, Gary
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I use the latch to actually keep the bottom of the door from sealing the temps will stay up and you don't loose much if any smoke
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I use eyelets in my WSM. I do not plug them when not in use. I have not noticed any issue with not doing so.
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Thanks, Ill try that, I had a lot of trouble this weekend trying to hold temps (learning curve) Half of the time temps were at 200 and had a hard time getting them up to 225 to 250. Baby backs, abt's and a lot of folks just opening doors without asking. New toy at the campground, in WI you have a better chance of seeing Brett Farve then a Lang cooker. But all turned out good and I know no pix, didn't happen. Doing pulled pork and Dutch's beans for a party this weekend, will focus more. Thanks for the advice
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Gary you'll have that thing down to a science very quick good luck with it
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Boy I hope so, on my new braunfels offset I new just where to open the vent to and temp would hold steady, I will have to practice a lot more. I remember having the same problem with my old one at first and all the meat I ruined (again the learning curve) This one has more handles than a Le Blond latheicon_smile.gif
not saying that's a bad thing, Just hope it is easier than reading a Metric micrometer
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When I first got my Horizon I must have done a good 6 test burns before throwing any product in.
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i use the hooks that you would use to hang lamps from cealing and just put them on the lip of the smoker. when done just remove. don't lose much heat at all.
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I'm bumping this to ask, if with using a couple maverick systems, what do you do to average out the temps if you are using one probe in the middle of the middle rack and the other probe closer to the front (with 2 butts in between the probes) get it, or have explained it ok? Oh ya, im using an 84deluxe.
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Also, I try to shoot for 250 and usually stay between 245-255. Is this to far of a range?
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While you have the thermometers in play with raising and lowering the tongue of the smoker and watch the temps change. It running between 245 and 255 while your shooting for 250 isn't bad at all

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