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help with pork loin

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any suggestions for pork loin?
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I would wrap in bacon and smoke to 145º or so. Alot of people over cook pork loins. Marinade in Mojo Crillio. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I absolutely love stuffed pork loin. Here is a link to one I did. Hard for me to cook one now without stuffing it. This post is a tenderloin but it's the same method with the loin. I love to stuff them with baby spinach, feta and italian cheeses, black olives..... pesto.... man o man!
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I marinated a boneless one, and then wrapped it in banana leaves, turned out great,

I also did a bone in one that I rubbed in mustard & minced garlic, that turned out good as well.

I pulled them @ around 150-160 if I remember correct.

If I was good at posting links I could link you to my posts. sorry I am not very computer savvy.
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pork loin oh yea i like em stuffed but plain is fine just rub it down with your fav. dust i'm partial to cbp.
smoke to 150° and foil let rest in a towel temp will cont. to bout 160° (perfect).

that one was stuffed with stove top dressing and cheesey taters
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I did one the other day injected with Italian dressing. Smoked to 155 with applewood. It was pretty good.
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OMG that looks great

i dont feel comfortable cutting it to stuff it
how do you do that
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what is mojo crillio
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Stuff it. I cut one down the middle, stuffed it with it was good.
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I have never stuffed one but I'm with flash on this one wrap it with bacon and smoke it to 140-145 and slice and enjoy. Here lately I have been (thanks to jerry) have been making Canidian bacon and some buckboard bacon with my loins. We're about to smoke the buckboard this week end the CB was loved by all and begged for by more.
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its a spiral cut just cut and roll keep bout 3/4" thick
i got one for tommorrow not stuffed just a cbp rub will pull at 150° watch for the post.
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I just made some pork loin for a wedding yesterday. All I did was rub them down with Bad Byron's Butt Rub and put them over direct heat until the internal temp got to 150 degrees and pulled them wrapped them in foil and a towel and then into the cooler for about an hour before I sliced. Came out extremely juicy.

Nature's seasoning made by morton works real well too as a rub especially when you use a garlic butter injection with it.
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It is a Latin marinade. Very citrusy. Very good on Beef and Pork. You can find it in the Ethnic section at your Grocery. I've seen it in Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie and our local Sav-A-Lot. Stear clear of Goya, look for Badia, Lizzy or the other thicker brands. Goya is just to watery for me.
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