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thanks Dude...already 2330 here in Italy
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Are these for lunch tomorrow I assume?

I've got to run out, but will check back later tonight.
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They are looking good, I hope they turn out great for you, and don't forget to read the sticky PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif , had to throw that in there, can't wait for the finished product ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Yeah it is for a Command Picnic that starts tomorrow at 1400
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Well I think that I finally hit my stall....started at 1930 and it is now 0056 and stalled at comes the fun waiting game.
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Well the largest of the 4 Briskets is now out of the smoker and resting peacefully in the cooler. While the other 3 are still stalled out.....
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How they doin? Better yet, how YOU doin?
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Dude I am nice and toasty and all 4 of the briskets are resting peacefully in the cooler wrapped in towels. I am headed to bed and will be back up in about 6.5 hours to slice them all. I will take pics and post them after the wife and I get back from the ultrasound......thanks for all your words of assurance
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ULTRASOUND, CONGRATULATIONS. Maybe you can share pictures of all your babies. (the ultrasound and the briskets) PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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