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New Convert to Brining

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I just smoked my first brined chicken pieces and Holy crap! They were so good. I brined the pieces for 24 hours using one of the brines I found on this site (sorry I forgot which one of you guys I got it from, maybe TRAVCOM45, I think). I used leg quarter pieces with the spine still attached. These pieces usually have extra skin attached so after I cut off the spine when preparing them I have enough extra skin to wrap around the underside of the thigh and create a fully wrapped leg quarter. I smoked them at 275 for 2.5 hours and then moved them over the direct heat in the smoker box for a couple of minutes (I'm using a CGSP). The skin was very crisp, the meat was juicy and flavorful, the fat was completely rendered out, and it was gone before I could get the camera out to take a picture. My wife, who never eats the skin, had nothing left but bones. That is all the proof I need that it was good. I would probably brine it for less time because I thought it was slightly salty, but otherwise, it was awesome. Definitely a new favorite!
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Congrats and Trav's recipe is a good one. Of course we will expect Qview next time biggrin.gif
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There ya go! Chicken one a my favorites. I brine just over night, specially with them smaller pieces. Always nice when folks enjoy a fellers cookin, sounds like ya converted yer wife!
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Congrats SmokingDawg, glad you had a successful smoke.
So many great brines out there, Tips brine is a definite winner so you picked a great one to try out.
Did you rinse the pieces after you took them out of the brine? Not rinsing after a good brining can leave some excess salt on the outside that will reabsorb into the meat as it rests, so it is always a good idea to rinse after taking out of any brine solution.
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Thanks for the advice. I did not rinse them so maybe that was the cause of the extra saltiness. Next time I'll do that...Cheers.
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Thanks for the brine recipe and the advice on the shorter brine time. My wife loved it! I usually stick to pork but now that I have a way to make a decent chicken I'm excited to start modding it...I'll make sure I keep everyone updated as I come up with new stuff. Great base though. Cheers.
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Try a turkey in that same brine but hold the wife back till ya get the Qview biggrin.gif
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I too prefer to brine my birds.

I use sugar in my brine.
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