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Because this covers all meat and poultry and fish etc, I thought I would post this for the safety of others for temps.
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Thanks Ron, it is good to know these things. points.gif
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I think sometimes we forget some of the basics when new folks roll in and need to remember there are some basic guidelines in cooking that are there for a good reason. One of the things I love most about this hobby.... almost a lifestyle... it there are so many personal variables to smoking that it makes it all your own. You can mop or not mop.... use any wood of your choice.... finishing sauce or not... fat cap up... fat cap down.... but we all need to remember especially when we are helping guide a "just getting started" smoker that there are safety issues when preparing your own meat and everyone just doesn't know them all. I do a number of things much differently now than I did when I joined this forum... and I'm talking prep and temps and things that are necessary to produce safe edible food for myself... friends and family. Thanks for the info Ron. I've looked up a number of sites with info on food temp safety but I haven't seen this one. Excellent.
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Thanks Dave I thought this was an important one. Good post Dave.
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Ron, I quoted your post in another thread where the member just had to throw out all his jerky because it molded. I gave him the link to your post. maybe a mod should combine the threads since it is on the same subject.
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Thanks Paul, maybe they will get some good info there.
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