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UDS for 4-H

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Hows that for a title only one full word! Got my son working on a UDS and it will be pushing it to get done by next weekend. Way too many other things going on interupting progress! He has the top cut out and a aluminum strap pop rivited around the edge for the grill lid to go over (Idea from another thread) and the air intake nipples installed. Part of the project will be a cart welded up kinda like a hand truck to put it on and move it with. I will post pics one of these days on this post. It might take a while though. This is a great forum with lots of good info, enough for a kid to turn into a 4-H project even! Thanks to everybody!!
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I have seen several good posts for making a UDS on the forum. Good luck with your project.
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cool. 4-H project! "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to great loyalty, my hands to larger service for my club, my community, my country and my world."
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I can't think of a better project, will be sumtin that youngin can use an enjoy the rest a his life. Tell him congrats on a great project! Gotta teach these youngsters, it's a dyin craft. Someday it'll just be gone ifin we don't.
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Here's a very simple walk through that will have you up and cooking in no time flat!
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agree this is the best single thread out there but it is very long... SMF and other sites have some good ones if you take time to search. good luck.
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Sounds like a great project! Keep us posted!
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UDS completed

Well he put the finishing touches to the UDS tonight. As you can see he built a cart to hold it too, as a welding project. It cost as much to build as the smoker. He also had to fabricate a handle the old plastic one was broke. We threw in a couple small pieces of wood and a charcoal bag for the pic so it shows a little smoke! He will take them to the fair on Saturday. So I will let everybody know how he comes out! Here is the end result. I don't know if I will get him to use it, but I know I will give it a try or two!

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He did a great job, good luck.
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Looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Tell him we're all rooting for him! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Great, love the cart! Nice job!
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Rite fine build there! Tell that young feller he did great! As fer gettin him ta use it, start out with somthin dear ta his heart, like maybe some hamburgers?! Ease em inta it, soon they get addicted just like us!
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That smoker looks better than professional (seriously look at a display model at your local hardware store put togather by a kid just a little older. Told you.). And that kid looks like he could kick my ***.
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He did pretty wel with the Judge yesterday got a blue for the smoker and a blue on the cart. I thought he might have got honorable mention as long as the Judge took with him (He was talking for a half hour to him about it). But it was all done in a short time so there some rough spots. Can't wait for the fair to get over to give it a try. Thanks everybody for all the comments!

Trashcan...He is a big boy for only 16 but is a softy, He was listed last fall at 6 foot 280 lbs, but has lost some weight this summer! Need to get him meaner for football
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Good job on the UDS... points.gif
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