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I'm a small time smoker using a el cheapo 2 door verticle Brinkmann. Next to Hickory or Cherry...I absolutey love the smell of Alder. Anybody ever use it for anything other than fish?? I've done BB's with it and love it!
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Hey, it's all about what you like. I am fond of a combo of red oak and cherry.

I wouldn't mind trying some alder if I could find some.
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Just for trout , whitefish, salmon, burbot, halibut etc. Never tried it on meat but I bet it would be great. I love the smell of alder.
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I absolutely LOVE the smell of Alder. I have to get it off of E-Bay as nobody in the area carrys it.
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Man...Alder is just a fine smoke. If it is your pleasure...get after it. I can only get it in chip's & small chunk's. It is great on fish, to me & Louie.
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cabinetmaker here-most our jobs are alder,I have it comming out my ears-and what a good wood to smoke with-U pay shipping and I send u alder for a great price.
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I used to have some alderwood smoked salt and it was fantastic!

Desert, how big are the pieces? Do you have small chunks you can bag or box?
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I happen to be one lucky guy to have a store that carries about 10 to 12 differant types of wood chips and chunks. Alder is very good I just tried it on seafood and it does really good nice suddle smokey flavor. I still have a few more differant wood to try so I'll let everyone know.
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and yes Rivet it's 1 1/2 -2-2 1/2 wide 13/16 thick-I cut to 2-3 in. lengths-we have so much we throw more away than I can keep up with.
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I've used it in a combo with apple and cherry. Great taste.
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not just yeah but HELL yeah!

desert - may i take you up on that offer?
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Hell yeah,Brotha!! Is it processed...rough sawn..chunks...chips...dust??
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All the time! Sometimes I will mix with apple...or pecan but by itself is great with any pork.
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I have never tried Alder. I have used Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, Maple and Oak. Hickory and Oak are the easiest to get around here bulk.
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Alder grows like weeds

Never gave it much thought, me personaly alder is annoying arround here it grows like weeds, I have cleared soooooo much alder off my properties it isnt even funny. Slash piles stacked as high as an excavator will stack it and fires so hot you cant get within 20'. It does make good smoke though! Come to think of it I still have 50 or 60 trees still laying on the groudnd I need to dispose of. And a few hundered more trees to go. Too bad you guys dont live closer I could set you up with loads of it!
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Alder patch

99% alder couple of cherry and maple.
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Adler I am hooked,I used it for a 12lb turkey and a 10lb prime rib...Its not just for fish.
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I love Alder I mix it about 65% Alder/25% Hickory and the rest apple or mesquite for just about everything I have smoked up to this point.
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I use alder 90% of the time for chicken and pork that has been teriyaki marinated. grew up on the smell of alder smoke. my yard is full of it now. it is real easy to get is to grow round here, all you have to do is disturb the soil with something like a bobcat and it just starts poppin up
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Yeah, we gots lots alder up here in the PNW, it's like a weed, but remember guys, they have PECAN and Black Walnut and well, they have all kinds of stuff. Can't even find pecan in the stores up here. Too bad freight fees are so expensive. I have visions of short cut logs passing in the night.icon_mrgreen.gif
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