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Can I smoke a pork loin and salmon at the same time? Do I need to worry about the salmon's smell seeping into the pork? Which piece (pork/salmon) should be on the upper rack?

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I'd put the salmon on top. The pork loin should not bother it. Salmon will probably finish before the loin.

What kind of wood are you using, don't want to overwhelm the salmon with a heavy smoke?
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Hopefully your salmon doesnt "smell" in the first place.eek.gif
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Not that the salmon would smell bad, I just didn't want to mingle the two flavors.

I plan on using an apple or cherry wood for both.
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Like fired said I hope your fish don't smell. If it does I don't think I would smoke it anyway. But no it shouldn't hurt anything but make sure to put it on top and it will cook faster so you should be finr.
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