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CSR - How to get them

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I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to cut these myself, or a special way to request them at the butcher? Do they have the bone in them? Can I cut them from a butt?

I really want to try some of these next. They look meaty!
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The Kroger here sells pork loins cut to look like CSRs. Other stores usually do a shoulder cut into thick strips with the bone in, I prefer these. The loin ones just arent fatty enough and due to the un-eveness of the cut can become dry on the ends.

So yeah, just ask your butcher to cut you some CSRs from the butt or shoulder.
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^exactly. They'll do it no problem and they are very inexpensive.
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Thanks all.

Last question, what temp to finish these at?
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As far as temps I could not say, hard to probe them because of the size and the bones. I smoke mine like I do ribs, but more like 2-1-1. just keep an eye on them every half an hour or so when they are in the foil until they get really tender.
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Sounds good. I could only get boneless, but they look like a nice snack.

(I just started bicycling to work, so my appetite just went through the roof. Everything is a snack now.)
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