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Checking In

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Hi everyone, my name is Rob and I'm in central Michigan. Currently using a Char-Griller that I put a stack extension on, flipped over the adjustable charcoal grate for a baffle, couple of River Country gauges, wok charcoal basket, turned my old Patio Pro into the side firebox, and plugged as many leaks as possible. Thank you to the Char-Griller sticky and everyone who posted in it.

I've been smoking as a hobby for a few years now. First on a gas grill which was easy but quality was lacking. Then used a fish smoker box that I put a big hot plate in and modded up. Worked great for loin. Now I'm Char-Grilling. I like the art of it. If fresh cherry Dr. Pepper teriyaki hits me that day for beef then that's what I do. Mostly doctor store bought sauces and rubs up because my time is at a premium these days.
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Welcome to SMF, Rob. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to the forum, Rob! Sounds like you've got the basic mods done for your horizontal w/sfb. That's a big plus when you can dial it in for better temp control.

I don't personally do much saucing, as I think it covers up the flavors of a good smoke....but I really like to toss together my own rub blends. Experimentation is the only way to find what you really like.


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Welcome to the site Rob.
Glad you have some experience with the smoke and you love it already.
You're sure to get nothing but great advice and more help on the site.
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welcome to the SMF
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Welcome to the forum Rob, glad to have you aboard!
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Welcome from Warren, MI.
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Welcome Thunder. Glad to have you here
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Welcome aboard. Glad to have ya join us.
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Welcome rob and glad you could join us. Sound like you have the smoking thing down so welcome and remember we love the Qview.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard.
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