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Canandian bacon?

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Can someone help me fine a good canadian bacon recipe. I've looked but for some reason I cann't find one. Help PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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There are quite a few recipes for CB. Are you looking for a simple, basic one or something a bit more than that?
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i knew you would know where. Just one thats your favorite.
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The simplest one seems to be the family favorite here. It's just 1 tablespoon TQ and 1 tablespoon brown sugar per lb of trimmed loin.
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if u can get ahold of hi mountian buckboard cure,that cures and flavors real well.I use it on all bacons-and as dawn states a cure and little brown sugar.
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Cajun variation

Take the 1 part tq to 1 part brown sugar and add 1/2 part powdered crab boil or old bay . Give the CB a bit of a kick!
Bought 2 whole loins yesterday for $1.39 lb for my next batch
Will do 1 w/ the cajun cure and 1 w/ the same cure but also the bourbon, butter, brown sugar, molasses glaze
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I do equal parts TQ and sugar like mentioned above...then rub it with CBP ... I haven't found a loin around here in the last 2 months, and when I did it was close to 4 bucks a pound...I'll wait till grilling season is over before I do more CB
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Canadian Bacon

A member of this site has a blog that gives detailed information on making Canadian Bacon.
Have a look here:

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Geez...that sounds good with the Old Bay....time to go buy myself a couple of loins and get busy.
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I use Mortons Sugar Cure per the directions adding any dry spices to that. Honey or maple I'll pour on after the dry cure is on. I cure in a plastic container with a snap on lid for 7 days then soak, rinse and taste. Usually once in enough for me, you might have to repeat to get the saltiness to your taste.

Good luck
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I've tried a number of different seasonings and always come back to using the TQ along with garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper. I use it in the curing rub and I add more of the onion powder, garlic and CBP when I smoke it. If I want it to taste sweet I just add some maple syrup to it when I eat it.
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