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I'm back!!!

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I have been busy ever since Hurricane Gustaf and then traveling with work and lost my password. I tried every password I have used in the pass and got it, Glad to be back. even if I only get to smoke once every few months.
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Welcome back! Glad you see you found your way here again.
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Welcome back Vince. What's that tasty looking piece of smoke in your avatar pic?
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brisket from right before the storm, I am doing a pork butt today. it's in the signature
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Welcome back Vince I hope things are getting better there after the hurricane. Hopefully live is getting back to normal for ya'll
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Thanks Everything is back to normal, Just now I have been working all over the US, been home 10 week this year so far and I leave again Friday for a month.
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Time to take the smoker with you and a computer so your not gone from SMF so long biggrin.gif
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Now that I have my password, I will be on. I carry my laptop everywhere.
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Welcome back vinnie. Glad to have you here again next time just write your password on your hand in ink.
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welcome back vince.
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Glad ya found your way back to SMF, Vince!
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Welcome back from Watson! Good to see ya again.
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Thanks everyone! I am back here working and picked up a new smoker, It's made by Old Country BBQ pits, Nicer then the brinkman I had, smaller but better build. It's the one in my signature, I have only seasoned it and it seem pretty nice and easier to maintain the temp. I hope to be smoking over the holidays
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Hay Vince, Welcome back to the SMF. Enjoy your stay!
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Glad you made it back! Don't be a stranger.
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I'm working home now and only 40 hours a week, I will be smoking, I don't have my camera so picture come from the blackberry, not the best, I'm going to buy my wife a new camera for christmas, LOL

I love this site
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Welcoem back Vince - glad to have you back with us
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Glad you're on board here. And pictures are good. After that, we don't care. Kinda like Q. Iffn you don't tell us you used an electric ECB, our mouths won't tell us either...

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