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Help with chicken

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Today I'm gonna smoke a couple chickens and need a little help. My smoke is coming in from the side under the chickens. Do they need to be in a pan or just on the grate when you do them?
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Either way would be fine, so long as you monitor your smoker for hot spots.

Are you doing whole chickens? Beer can method? Spatchcocking? etc.?

I'd suggest trying to get those birds in some kind of marinade until you're ready to cook. I prefer the spatchcock method, FWIW.
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Doing 2 whole chickens. Do I need to brine them or just put some rub on them? Also do I need to turn them every so often?
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Usually if you brine them you suppose to brine atleast overnight so if your doing them this afternoon you mite get in a few hours of brining but you don't have to brine at all. I don't from time to time and they turn out just fine.As far as chicken like TN said how are you smoking the birds beer can style standing up rite or spatchcock thats cut in half and laid flat on the grates. I personally just throw them on the grate and leave it there. Just apply a rub of your choice for as long as you can to let it flavor the bird. You dont have to turn the bird just let it be.
Smoke the bird at about 230 to 250 intil interial temp. of 165 or so then take it out LET it rest then enjoy. Believe me this will be the only way you'll cook chicken again and again. I hope this helps you and now Go And Enjoy Smoking
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Just remember at 230 to 250º the skin will be quite rubbery. I usually place pieces on the grill and cook at high heat (325º +) for 10 minutes or so to crisp up the skin. If you don't eat the skin, then don't worry about it.
Also, I never brine chicken and it never comes out dry.
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Personally I like to brine overnight but I have done them without brining before as well. I like to do them with a smoker temp of about 325 this gives me a nice crisp skin which is a must around my house. I just lay them right on the grate breast up and I smoke to an internal of 168-170
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I always brine my birds but if you don't have enough time (overnight) then I wouldn't bother. You could inject as long as you still have a few hours to let it sit.
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I agree with the higher temps. I have never brined and have had very good luck.
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How Long?

How long will it take to smoke 2 chickens? It can't be as long as ribs or meat. thanks
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this should help ya on the time and temp
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The higher the temperature, the shorter the cook time.

If you spatchcock them, they'll cook quite quickly (probably 90 minutes).
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I just did a whole bird the other day, I think it took me about 3 hours at 230°. I didn't bother crisping the skin, I like it any way I can get it, lol! I brought it up to 175° in the meatiest part of the breast. I'd brined it for 3 days prior, but I brine using a curing brine too, which is different from a flavor-enhancing brine - it changes the meat into a ham-like flavor. The wimmin (wife and mother-in-law) weren't fancy on having it for dinner so I took it to my son's house while we were working on re-doing his garage with overhead storage, new workbenches, etc. and had it for lunch... he loved it - he's definitely a chip off the old block and craves smoked meats! (we worked out in the garage for 4 days - Tues. thru Fri. and still not done yet - @ 105° ave. temp every day... a good Texas Summer!). Got the majority of it done, but doing some overhead storage with hanging mounts is driving him nuts - on one part of the garage the beams go width-wise, 3 ft over they go length-wise. We're going back today to hang 2x6 stringer plates across the entire ceiling to mount the hanging mounts on, have to lag bolt them into the crossbeams then mount the mounts where we want them. Any ways, I digress.. (bad habit of mine).. the smoked pickled chicken was a success.. even the babysitter said it was the best ^%$$^& chicken she'd ever eaten!
Here's the link to that thread:

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