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hey, everyone - sorry i've been out a while having fun and working hard!

i have a "finished" pic of the smoked trout and will post it here soon, possibly tonight. I'll also try to answer all posts above but i am on hte run right at the moment!

thanks to all for the comments, points and PMs!
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Those ribs look great. Love the glaze! I can't wait to see the trout!
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sorry, guys - helk of a long weekend and week! between work, fishing, the mountains, the prairie and stuff around the house, i've been busier than a one-armed-one-legged-one-eyed man in a paper-hanging-ass-kicking-girl-watching contest.

here's a "finished" picture" of the trout"



and these babies were GOOD!

as for the CSRs, in my opinion, they were among the best i've made. i do believe that they would have been jsut a tad better using a homemade cheriyaki sauce versus a store-bought one, but that goes true for any product a person will use. one thing is for sure, the color on these things throughoutt the process and even to the end was outstanding and i beleive contributed to the fact that eating them was a great experience!

thanks to all for sticking with me on this one and checking out the q-view ~

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WICKED photo of the trout! The water clarity in that stream is fantastic.

Can you explain your presentation? I see a bell sinker on a clasp swivel, but also a crawler on the bottom, but the fish is chasing or has bitten something else? A two hook rig perhaps?

Think those are the best before and after photos I've ever seen. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif The finished product looks tasty to say the least...
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Absolutely beautiful before and after pics! points.gif
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thanks, guys!

backcountry ~ that photo is a bit misleading ~ what i normally do is take an empty line, then thread on an egg sinker, then tie on a regular snap swivel on the end of the line and then snap on a plain old eagle claw snelled hook of approrpiate size. this allows the sinker to ride up and down the line without pulling on whatever rig i am using, and when a fish nibbles or takes the bait, there is no resistance. it's quick, it's easy and it works for any fish (including northern pike if you use a bigger sinker and steel leader.

in this case, though, i didn't have an egg sinker on, so i clipped on the bell sinker at the swivel and then the hook on the same swivel. the misleading part is that while i was playing the fish in, the worm that was on the hook rode up the leader of the hook and stopped at the swivel. in other words, the worm SHOULD be in the fish's mouth along with the hook, which can't be seen in this photo. the empty space between the fish and the worm/sinker is actually the leader of the hook after the worm worm rode up the leader during the fight.

these fish were all caught in the bear paw mountains south of havre at rotary pond (an old gravel quarry that filled with water from beaver creek) and bear paw reservoir (just down stream a bit). beaver creek itself is home to some good brook, rainbow, brown and cutthroat fishing, but we didn't get on the creek that day.
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hey, wanbli!

i am sorry i missed your post - it's been a long week!

regarding your question:

>>>I'm curious as to how the hot smoke did for yours ?<<<

the trout turned out great when hot-smoked. i'd only done it a couple of times before but it always seems to owrk well.

the kids ate the sucker before i got home from work the next day, but they said it was pretty darn good. this is a good thing because suckers are rather common at a couple of lakes we fish and also they can get to be a substantial size!

hope things are going well over there - i'm ahving a few server problems at my website, so i see that it is currently down, but it should be up soon.

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Cant see the pics! Whats up! Pics everywhere else. Format? hmmm
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hi, rick -

the pix are hosted at my website, which is having some server issues at the moment. soon as it is back to normal, the pix will be there for the world to see ~ the good news is that they are worth the wait!
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