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Looking for good recipes

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I'm looking for some good rub, marinade, bbq sauce...(and everything else that's essential to grilling/smoking) recipes. I'm needing to get a wide variety of good recipes for pork, poultry (turkey and chicken mainly), and beef for the most part. Does anyone know where I can find some good recipes, I don't care if they are books or online, or just passed on from others.

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they are all over this site be patient and search and read. You will find more than you can use!!!!!!!!!
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I would have to recommend Jeff's rub. You can use it on about anything.
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Sign up for Jeffs free news letter, it always has some good stuff in it.

Go to your local library and spend some time looking at a few books, check out the ones that look good.

You then have time to really take a hard look at a book, try out a few recipes and then buy it online if you really like it.

I just checked out a book by Paul Kirk called championship BBQ that I will end up buying. It has some intersting stuff on how to compete which does not apply to me, but it also has a bunch a real good receipes and other useful information.

I've only been at this a month or so with 3 good smokes under my belt. This is such a great hobby!
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I just picked up Steven Raichlen's "The Barbecue! Bible" and his "How to grill" books at Sams club for $13.74 each. Normal price is $20.95 on one and $22.95 on the other one. Lots of great recipes in them. Not a bad deal either.
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Like Kookie said get those books by Steven Raichlen. They are excellent, great books about grilling and smoking, good recipes and step by step instructions. Also get Jeff's Sauce recipe, it is the best I have ever tasted.
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I can personally recommend the book "Low and Slow" by Gary Wiviott, lots of rub, marinade, sides, and dessert recipes.

Also step by step lessons for smoking chicken, BB ribs, spares, pork shoulder, etc. on a WSM, offset smoker, or weber kettle grill
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I ordered (and paid for) Jeff's Rub and Sauce recipes a few weeks ago, but haven't received them via email yet. It is possible that recipe email went into my spam filter, but I checked and don't see it. Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with Jeff to check on my order. I tried the website message to Jeff but no response in over 2 weeks.
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I've been thinking about getting Jeff's recipe but just haven't gotten around to it. I completly forgot about looking in the library since I'm always to busy to go out there. Thanks for the input so any chance anyone know where I can find a good beef jerky recipe?
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