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Rib question

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I did the 3-2-1 method for my spare ribs. My riblets and the little tips were great snacking for us -- good smoke flavor that wasn't too strong, tender, moist. Mmmm. My ribs are finishing up. The internal temp is great -- they're on the tail of firming up right now. Now the question -- I noticed my ribs haven't pulled away from the ends near as much as some of the qviews I've seen. Is that bad? Something wrong? Did I not trim my riblets right? Or is it just one of those things that sometimes happens and sometimes not?
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It depends on the the way they are cut and the meat itself. Ive had em pull way back and then sometimes not much at all. Just keep on keepin on and let us know how they turn out....
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You should shoot for around 1/4 inch pullback. But I almost always miss that, and the pullback is a good bit more, with no real ill effects.

If you've got pullback, you're on the right path. See how they taste, and play around with the times next time. Smoking is an art, not a science. Times/methods, etc.... are just guidelines to get you started.
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By the sounds of it, you'll be fine.
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Well, I have to say -- they were goooood! They were falling off the bone, gooey, messy good! I'll have to post a pic later tonight or tomorrow though.
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There you go, a new artist is born............
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