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MES Question?

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Does anyone know if the cooking racks for the MES are dishwasher safe? Also any other cleaning or MES tips would be appreciated! It is big step from my old charcoal, but so far so good!
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Yes I put my racks in the dishwasher all the time.Just wipe out the inside so no mold starts to grow.
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yes they are dishwasher safe.
Really bad throw em in your oven on self clean cycle.
Also clean your glass at least every other cook. If you let it build up on the glass it's hard to clean.
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I use dishwasher for the drip pan, water pan, the racks.
Use a brillo pad to take off the hard gunk.

As for mold, wipe out the insides and run at 270 for a 2 or 3 hours.
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Rubbing alcohol and a paper towel work great to clean off the glass.
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I've washed everything removable in the dishwasher before and no problems except for one: the drip pan on the back is powder coated and after the 2nd time I washed it in there it started to bubble up. After that it left deposits inside and on everything else and then started to tear away. Since then I hand wash it, but I also ripped out as much as I could, sanded it down some since it had rusted some where the powder coating wasn't at, and then sprayed it with black Rustolium.
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Yes I only do the internal stainless drip pan in the dishwasher, which really shouldn't be done because I don't think the spot welds are treated and will eventually rust out. As for the external black coated drip catcher, I only do it buy hand.
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i line the inside of the drip pan with foil works well as for the grates dishersafe yep .. we found these mats we use and the mats are disher safe and cut down on the grate clean up they work great
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I have the older 30" model and do the racks all the time in the dishwasher. I Take off any bigger burnt on chunks with a plastic scrubber first then toss them in the washer. Works fine.
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