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Mr. James

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Hi, I'm a new smoker, I've used my WSM three times each time was fantastic. I've smoked wings, ribs, and a pork butt. This can be addicting. Smoke on!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. Do you have any qview of your smokes you'd care to share?
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Welcome to SMF it certainly can be welcome to the club biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the Dark side. Forever will it rule your destiny. The upside is that it is one of the non-cardinal sins and you will never go hungry. tongue.gif

Remember we love qview. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Glad ya joined us at SMF! Sounds like you've got the hang of the smoking gig. If you're new to this and want some helpful tips, check out the free, 5-day ecourse offered through the website. It'll give ya some helpful information to help supplement the stuff you'll read on the site.

Good luck with your smokes, and hope to see some pics of your future grubs!!
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Welcome Stratos! I am interested in your wing meathod. Being from upstate NY I am in quest of the perfect wing on the smoker!
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us here.
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Welcome to the SMF, glad to have you aboard. Can't wait till the digital camera joins your addiction!! biggrin.gif
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welcome to SMF glad to have ya.
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