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Tulsa World interview of Jeff about this site

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This was in the Tulsa World today in case you all are interested.... (I did not see it posted)
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Jeff, that is awesome! Congratulations on this article. Now if only the AP will pick it up and run it NATIONWIDE!!!

Thanks flyin' for informing all of us about this.
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Awsome exposure for SMF! Way to go Jeff!
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Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Very nice article!
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You are famous now!!! Can I have your autograph?..haha That is a great article and great exposure for SMF.
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That was EXCELLENT! Great to spread the gospel of the Thin Blue Smoke...
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Certainly helps with exposure to good BBQ and the SMF!!!
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Congrads To Jeff. Nice article...
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Awesome article. Good exposure is hard to come by and this article was all good. Congratulations Jeff ! Thank you for giving us a place to learn and share in our meat smoking endeavors. Peace , Wanbli
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That's Awesome! You should be recognized for this masterpiece you put together.
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congrats on a great article very happy to one of the 15,000 or so here to enjoy it.
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Way to go Jeff

Proud of you and all that you do.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That is awesome Jeff gota make you proud! one thing though....... you're only 38? all this knowledge did you start when you were 10?
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