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Left over salmon

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After cooking a salmon meal...what do you do with the left overs?
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I flake the salmon and mix it with some rice and veggie. Season how ever you want. Makes a very quick, easy and tasty dinner. You could also use it for salmon patties, put it in an omelet or fritatta.
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I was thinking the same thing about the salmon patties. Flake it up and add it to a salad ...
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I've been smoking salmon just to make smoked fish spread. I started out using leftovers but we like it so much I just smoke salmon for that alone.
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Now Miss Louie can get after this gig. Get it pulled mix in yer favorite...mayo or....ain't..... happenin miracle whip. Dill, yeah man....& whatever ya like spice. On some cracker's.....yeah baby!
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That does sound good. It's similar to this recipe: That one from Safeway's summer website uses flaked grilled teriyaki salmon, bread crumbs and mayo. Anyone tried it that way?
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Just don't reheat, make some sort of cold salad out of it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You absolutely have to try this recipe. It's even better than the Salmon just pulled from the smoker!

Smoked Salmon Corn Chowder!
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Salmon bits go well tossed into tomato soup or mixed with mayo on sandwiches.

My dogs love them mixed in with their dry food.

Mostly I nibble them as I sit at the puter.
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Chop it up really fine along with some fresh parsley. Mix it in with cream cheese and stuff Jalapenos with it.

Then grill them.

Eat them.

Experience heaven.

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Wow, very similar to a smoked corn soup I make. The last time I made it I had smoked some salmon. I used the rich belly meat as a garnish on the top of the soup. It was fantastic.
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Sounds great. Did you check out the recipe link I posted?
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Fried salmon patties....
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I'm gonna bump this oldie to say I made the chowder in the link posted by JohnSWA with a smoked whitefish and it was AWESOME!!!!! 


Thanks for posting that one!

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Smoked fish dip!


Can't beat it!

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flaked with a lill dill mayo  on bread with tomato and lettuce  yummy

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I did salmon tacos the other night.  Purdy darn good!

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