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posting Qview

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I am in the middle of a 2 butt smoke right now. Will be posting pix later. Just wanted to check though. The last time I tried to add pictures is just showed the link and you would have to click to go to the pix. I use PhotoBucket. Anybody know what I'm doin' wrong?icon_redface.gif

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I use imageshack its free and gives you the option of resizing for forums and several links to use You can have thumbnails, links or full size images.
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Use the last option "IMG Code" and it will past the picture not a link. Just copy it and paste where you want it
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Exactly - sounds like you're just using the wrong link.
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Will do. Thanks.

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Man....if ya have problem's postin pic's, get with Erain. He'll get ya thru it. As hard as my head is....he softened it up & got me in it!
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