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Fire Question

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Hey All

I'm planning to do up my first Pork Butt this weekend with either some ribs or a brisket.

What do y'all do as far as building your fire? I have a New Braunfels Hondo smoker with an offset fire box. Do you do your smokes burning mostly lump charcoal with a few pieces of wood for smoke. Or do you burn mainly wood during your smoke?

Any suggestions for the Pork Butt? Rubs?

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Ive always used some lump to get started but use only wood after that. Just watch your temps.

As far as your BUTT goes there is a ton of info on here for how to cook those and tons of rubs. I like mine simple with salt and pepper and onion powder. I cook mine to an internal temp of 205 and then pull them apart. Most on here cook them to 170 (I think) and then wrap in foil and either put in a 200 deg oven or wrap in towels and put in a cooler..

Do a search on here and you will get tons of info and Im suresomeone else will chome in with more info...

Good luck and post some pics
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I use a chimney full of lump, and when it is going I dump it on a pretty healthy bed of lump in the firebox. From then on I only add wood.
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I use either lump or hardwood briquettes then all wood. it takes some elbow grease to keep the damper and door right to maintain temps, but that's all the fun!
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