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A Tip on Curing Pork?

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I have not experience this as I have always used fresh pork when curing but found the info on 2 different web sites. Paraphrased:(you should not cure pork that has been frozen regardless of how you thaw it as there is only a 50-50 chance it will take the cure).

I had not heard this before so I thought I would throw it out for comments.
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Interesting if it's true. I've got a butt in the freezer waiting on me to finish finding all the other stuff I need to get started. And what about Sam's and Wally World etc? I'm just guessing but I would guess that all of them ship a frozen product unless they double the price and advertise how fresh it is.
Just curious- where did you read that? If you don't want to post (can't remember if that's allowed here or not anymore) how about a PM?

OMG- I'm sitting here trying to think of the nearest place that I could get fresh meat and boy I hope that not being able to use frozen meat is just a false fact getting passed around!
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It was under one of the links stickied under the Sausage thread.
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Did some research and discussion with others and seems not to make much sense as to the chemistry. I do not think this is a problem and will cure froze pork without concern.
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making ham

I have been curing and smoking hams, Canadian bacon, bacon and smoked sausage for years and have never had a problem doing one that had been frozen. If I am stocking up I will buy meat when I get a good deal and freeze it until I have time to cure it or until I get a whole batch together (enough to load the smoker). I have also made cured ground and formed jerky from previously frozen meat and never had a problem.
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I made my Buck Board bacon with frozen pork. It was my first, and I think it was great. Cured all the way through.
I'll await more data. Until then I'm buying and freezing till I can smoke.
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Ok I tossed this out with the link for discussion and I am convinced that little difference if any exists especially if the pork was fresh when frozen. One of the great things about SMF is that not only do new ideas come to light here but we all have a chance to cus and discuss info as to its validity and sometimes correct any misinformation that may exist out there in a civil and respectfull manner. This has been accomplished with this discussion. Great input all. Thanks.
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Rick I appreciate the info but I have to wonder about it as well seems all the meat I get whether at the meat market or grocery store has already been frozen. When I asked about it the meat market guy said most of the packing plants flash freeze it.
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Frozen Meat

I agree Piney, Most meat from a supermarket has been frozen. I haven't had any problems freezing it then thawing and curing but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. I flash freeze my venison when I process it and I have often made venison ham after freezing it for 3-6 months and never had a problem.
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I went ahead and emailed them about what they meant by that so if/when I get an answer back I'll post it here. At least they'll know someone is looking at their website! tongue.gif
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As i said Jerry I ran across this by accident on a link provided on this sight and thought it should be discussed if for no other reason than to debunk it. I personally do not believe it makes a difference, at least not so much that a problem exists. I just don't see how the chemistry of curing could be affected by freezing before a cure. Just my 2 cents on the subject.
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