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Weekend#6 Project Fatman with (pics)

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Edited by Zeeker - 5/26/10 at 1:16am
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Awesome job, absolutely awesomePDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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That rig is freakin awesome looking. What a nice job..........points.
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Rockin' rig man! Celebration is well deserved! Can't wait to see it smokin'!
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Great looking smoker you built there Zeeker. I'm wanting to build one about that size when it cools off and I just hope it turns out half as nice as yours.

I noticed a disk and big truck in the you farm?
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Awesome looking Build!
cool cam locks I orderd 6 last week for my build, mine operate like the one on your firebox.
looking at them in the store I was wondering about the hard rubber bumpers, think they will hold up to the heat?
I was thinking they should be fine for the smoker but I plan on adding one to the Firebox also and that might not last too long.
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beautiful work pal!
very very very nice! I can tell by lookin you've put a lot of work in that beast-and it shows. Very impressive indeed!
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Great design! Looks wonderful and you should be proud of her.
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