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Temp. choking help.

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Had a good smoke today. 6 slabs of St. Louis ribs and my 1st ABT (they're good). Used the Minion Method (thanks to ya'll), everything went well except about 4 hours into it the temp. choked out at 200* and it took an hour to get it corrected. My question is why does this happen and how can I prevent it? BTW I'm using a Webber kettle with a side fire box.

Thanks to all!
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What were you using for fuel? I had this happen before with the uds using briquettes. Mine was from to much ash build up. I try not to use bricks because I don't care for all the ash bricks create.
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A side fire box for a Weber kettle? Do you mean baskets to hold the coals off to the side, or the Sokenator assesorie?

Anyway, it sounds like maybe you need to stir the coals to knock some ash off, or perhaps you waited too long to add fresh charcoal.
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oops, sorry its a Char-Broil CD 940 and I added a side fire box.

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I get the same effect on my Brinkman bullet if I'm too slow to add charcoal and/or don't shake the ash off the coals soon enough. A place to start investigating, I suppose.
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