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Pulled Pork question

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So I smoked two boston butts on the 18th of June and went ahead and pulled the meat and took out all the connective tissue that was left in the meat. I put the two butts in gallon bags flattend the bags out and froze them so we can reheat and eat them for the fourth. My questions is can I put the finishing sauce on the meat when I reheat it on the 4th or will it be to late. I know you put it on the meat to help break down the tissue. Or is it for the taste just as much as the tissue brake down. Also I have already added the BBQ sauce as well. Will this hurt the flavoring if I add the finishing sauce.
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The finishing sauce goes on before you eat the meat. It's not necessary to break down the meat, it's tender already. If you put the sauce on too far in advance it will turn the meat to mush. Don't add any more bbq or finishing sauce until the meat is heated. If you have any juices/pan drippings from the meat now would be the time to add it to the meat while it's heating.
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I would reheat without adding any more sauce and taste it - you may not want to pur anything else on it. I don't sauce anything - I let the folks do it to their liking.
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Sound advice Dawn!
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I always cook a bunch and freeze the extras. I dont add any sauce until I have heated and ready to eat. We usually add it at the table as some of my bunch likes it and some dont, some want BBQ sauce and some dont....
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Good call...good rub and we like it Naked.....icon_rolleyes.gif we add our sause at the table. I find it freezes better and thats how i keep the que happy here she dont eat hot...not everbody eats it the same.Black pepper is too hot for her some times...we just eat it with no sause just meat drippings or just meat juices.
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If I do sauce I let the guest or family add it on the own.
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Like they all said. theres some good advice to be had around here. I always wait until we are ready to eat to add anything to the meat. So heater her up.
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