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Do grinders get hot with use. Normal?

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I am looking at a used grinder. Owner says after some time of continuous use it gets hot and he has to cool it down. Is this normal? It is true stainless and 3/4 horse motor with all sausage attachments and 3 plates.
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I really guess that would depend on run time. Yes they will get hot but this should be after prolonged use not just a couple minutes.
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Any thing with gears and electric motors generates heat. Maybe it's just a matter of lubing it up real good. Or maybe a matter of looking elsewhere.

Either way mine's my grand mothers old hand crank one, so either way I'm pretty sure you'd be comparatively happier.
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My Cabela's grinder only seems to get hot when I use it to stuff and it is running for a while.

Only use it to stuff when I want something emulsified, so not to often.
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Go to Cabellas website, find the 3/4 hp grinder, check the reviews. From my link. click on sort order and select lowest to highest. This will tell you what is the worst thing about the grinder. Most bad reviews complain about overheating.

Out of 473 reviews only a very few people had heating problems with the grinder, but if you're one of those few a high rating in small consolation. Most people said it took quite a while to get too hot. I know that the one your looking at may not be a Cabellas but I think these reviews give one a pretty good look at what problems you might expect from a grinder in that hp range.
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friction ='s heat rick and yes is normal-tis the other reason u partial freeze meat before grinding-other being it grinds easy-most put there grinder in the freezer for a while before each grind-have heard of ice tricks also.
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hot grinder

that is why when ever you are planning to do a lot of grinding always add dry ice to keep things cool..we would add it when we were making sausage and bologna cause' ifin you don't the meat will get too warm and you'll have bacteria growth
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Man...typically if it's gettin hot, brushes are near gone, or the armature is glazed. For the right price....there are shop's that can re-do the motor! Bang em on the head! get the price down!
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Depends on the brand, some have a thrust washer that could be worn or missing, when this happens I have seen people over tighten the plates to get it to work. I also put a little grease that point when I first start.

Just another thing to look at.
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